Best Hair Salon in Luton

If you are looking for a trusted and renowned hair salon in Luton, you can count on the name of Capello Hair Design. Though we are located in Toddington Bedfordshire, people from Luton and the surrounding areas often visit our salon to experience the best hair care and hairstyling services.

Our main motto is to provide our clients with the desired hair styling services to give them a new look. Our clinic has a pleasant ambience that helps them feel relaxed during their time right here.

Visit the Top Hair Salon in Luton

When we say that we are different from the other hair salons in Luton, you do not mean our products or services. But, we give emphasis on the process we follow to offer our services to our clients.

  • Our experts treat all of our clients like VIP.
  • We listen to them carefully and with complete dedication.
  • Our efficient hair care experts try to understand their requirements.
  • We determine the style, cut and colour for individual clients based on their individual requirements.
  • We offer a wide range of services which include bespoke hair treatments.
  • We aim to give you something more than your desire.

Services that We Offer

At Capello Hair Design, we provide our clients with bespoke services that match their personality, age, profession, lifestyle and facial structure in a perfect way.

Bespoke Treatments

After listening to your requirements and desires, our hairstyling experts will cut, colour and style your hair. This is a bespoke hair treatment that gives you a great makeover.

Special Occasion Hair

Be it a wedding ceremony or a special dinner date with someone you love – your special occasion hairdo is our responsibility. We can give you a unique hairstyle for that most exclusive event of your life.

Hair Colour and Hair Extensions

Get an amazing transformation for your hair with beautiful extensions and colours. Our experts can suggest to you the right products as per your choice and needs.

For all the details of our services and book an appointment with our experts, kindly get in touch with us.