Winter is about to come, and we must get prepared for it. Along with our woollen pullovers, gloves, and caps, we should make some preparations to take care of our hair too. Cold air, freezing weather, snowfall all have adverse impacts on hair. Though winter brings a lot of fun, food, and cosy moments in our lives, we cannot ignore the damaging effects of winter on our skin and hair.

Experts from a top hair salon in Leighton Buzzard share some tips for winter hair care with their clients. These tips and tricks will help you keep your hair smooth, soft, and damage-free even on those coldest days of the year.

How to Take Care of Hair in Winter?

Shampoo Less

Winter is the dry season. Shampoo can strip off the natural oil from your hair and makes it drier. Hence, try to avoid shampoo on your hair as little as possible during the winter months. If you already have dry hair, less shampoo in winter will help you to keep your hair smooth and manageable.

Apply Leave-In Conditioner

Keeping your hair well-conditioned and hydrated is highly essential during winter. You can add an added and more effective defence against static by applying a good quality leave-in conditioner. You can keep your hair well-hydrated with such products.

Weekly Treatment is Good

Irrespective of your hair type, you should offer a weekly treatment to it. Weekly treatment will save your hair from being dried out. Talk to your hair care expert to understand what kind of weekly hair treatment you should follow. These experts will suggest hair masks, serum, or conditioners as per your hair type and lifestyle.

Dye Your Hair Dark

Avoid being blonde during winter. Using platinum colour as a hair dye in winter can cause extreme hair damage. Try to use something darker in the shade. You can choose the right shade as per the advice of your hair care specialist.

Hydrate at Night

It is best to apply all the hydrating products to your hair at night. Be it hair oil or serums – you should use them at night so that your hair can get adequate moisture for a more extended period.

Nothing can be more useful and result-driven than visiting your nearest hair care salon. Capello Hair Design is one such name in Leighton Buzzard that offers complete hair care solutions to clients as per their specific needs. If you need more information about our services, please get in touch with us or pay a visit to our salon.