Hair extensions have come a long way since their first introduction in the fashion and beauty industry. From being the most favourite of Hollywood stars to being a “must-to-have” style accessory of a modern fashionista – the journey is quite long and exciting.

Those unrealistic clip-ones are no more ruling the industry. This is the time of the “real ones”, which look real and created with real hairs. Hence, you can rely on their appeal and the transformation these hair extensions can offer you.

However, using hair extensions involves taking proper care of the same. You cannot just keep using them for months without maintaining them. To ensure that your hair extension looks gorgeous, natural and shiny for the longest time possible, you must devote some time and energy to it.

Tips on Hair Extensions Maintenance

Wash Hair Extensions Correctly

Washing the hair extensions correctly is a very critical stage of taking care of these objects. You must know the right technique of washing them. Ask your hairstyling expert if you are not confident about the technique. Consider them like your own hair. Use good quality shampoo and rinse with normal water.

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Brushing is Important

It is important to brush your hair extensions with your regular comb or brush, preferably the one you use for your hair. Brushing the hair before washing it is also advisable to ensure that there is no tangle. The more often you brush your extension, the fuller and longer it will look.

Use Conditioner in Hair Extensions

When we suggest you consider the extension of your own hair, we are not adding any ornamental words to this blog. It is advised by the hair and beauty experts. Hence, it would be best if you used a conditioner after shampooing. Use the mild ones and enjoy the tangle-free shiny hair extensions.

Know the Right Brushing Techniques

Brushing is essential for hair extension. But, improper technique can make things even worse. You should know the right brushing techniques to avoid rapid damage. Be patients when you brush them and never force on tangle removal.

Avoid Chemicals

Using hair extensions in swimming pools can cause damages. Pool water generally has a high amount of chlorine which can be harmful to your fake hairs. You can use natural oils to keep them look shiny and healthy for an extended period.

Use the Best Hair Extensions

You can get plenty of brands selling hair extensions in the market. Trust on the top ones only for premium quality. Get advice from your hair styling experts to know which one would be better for you.

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