Women love going for hair makeovers and styling in a bid to upgrade their fashion quotient. They love rocking a trendy haircut for people to see and praise. Most importantly, they feel beautiful upon getting a new haircut. Haircuts are necessary for a proper base, while a good quality cut determines its proper shape and texture. You can visit the professional salon for trendy hair cuts for a complete style reboot.  

Since hair is a prized possession, you can choose from all these mixed hairdos to look sassy and classy. 

Different Types of Modern Haircuts for Women

Short haircuts for women

The classic cropped hairstyle has received a serious style update, especially during the last few seasons. The short haircut is a perfect mix of contrasting length and texture, undercut sections, and customisation of colours, making it look more innovative and utterly feminine.

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Smoothed pixie cut 

While most people refer to it as the pixie cut, here, the hairdresser will cut your hair shorter from the back and sides while keeping slightly longer bangs in the front. For a cool chick look, you can sweep these bangs to the side. This haircut falls in the edge category, especially suitable for those girls who have a knack for experimenting with their hair. There is another broad category of the pixie hairstyle where the hairstylist gives a spiky shortcut. For those wanting a clean-cut, smoothed out a pixie is the best.

Multilayers for long hair 

For girls with long hair, the styling often becomes hugely tedious. With the length and volume of the hair, most hairdressers cannot come up with many options. Hence, multiple layers are the go-to option for them. The stylist will give you trendy tresses with long layers that will add more volume to the hair. Consequently, your hair will also look stylish, thick and wavy.

Layered Bob 

This is another variation of the straight-laced bob. The hairdresser will cut the hair into a shorter length, the same as a bob cut. But on top of that, they will add some layers for texture and style. This haircut is the best for girls with a round face. Once you get this cut, your style quotient will increase exponentially. This is how girls with short hair shine bright with oodles of confidence.

Curly haircuts for women

For those with curly hair, the tendrils and ringlets can become messy and overgrown if not cut at the right time. The right hairdresser will give proper shape and cut to your hair as per your preferred length and other requirements. For good textured curly hair, you should maintain your monthly haircut and trimming sessions. 

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