Curly hair looks fabulous. They are gorgeous and unique in their way. Girls with curly hair can steal the show anytime, anywhere. However, maintaining the curl is not easy. It is indeed a challenging job because you need to spend a lot of time keeping those gorgeous curls under control. Before you find the best Hair salon in Woburn Sands to take good care of your curly hair, you should know how to maintain it at home.

Nonetheless, there are some simple and easy ways to maintain your curl. You should follow the right technique of washing and styling your curly hair to get the best appearance of the same.

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Tips on Washing Curly Hair

  1. Use shampoo that is specially made of curly hair. Know the brand and its quality before you buy one. It would help if you understood that the properties of a shampoo specially made for curly hair have all the features to protect your curl from getting frizzy.
  2. Always use curl care cream after washing your hair. Stop the shower and use the cream on your wet hair to get the best result. Mix the curl cream between both your palms and apply it thoroughly to your curls. Run your fingers gently on your hair to let the cream mix well with your hair.
  3. Use the right kind of gel after using the cream. You can use an old t-shirt to cover your hair so that the excess water can be removed and mix gel rightly with your hair.
  4. Many girls use flat pin clips at the end of their hair to add more volume to their curls. This technique is useful to hold up the hair at the root, which does not let it dry flat.
  5. While blow-drying your curly hair, you should keep the dryer at high heat but low speed. It will not harm your curl but get dry gently. Blowing your curl around can make it look frizzier.
  6. You should comb and brush your curls as many times as possible to avoid getting tangled. Curls tend to get tangled when you do not use a brush frequently.
  7. Always use the right kind of hairbrushes that are appropriate to set curly hair. Regular combs are not good for curly hair. So, try to avoid them.
  8. Choosing the right kind of products is essential to protect your natural curls. It would help if you visited a reputed and reliable Hair salon in Woburn Sands to get expert advice.

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